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Things to Consider Before You Schedule a Massage

Massages have many benefits. Massage can reduce stress and provide many physiological and
psychological benefits. A massage is beneficial to the entire body, and can affect bones,

muscles, heart, and skin. It can also improve one’s ability to breathe, digestion, mental well-
being, and overall health. Although most people instinctively give and receive hugs, massages

are a formalized version of these instincts. Here are some things you should consider before
booking a massage.

Choose a therapist carefully. Ask questions about the training and experience of your massage
therapist. Wear loose-fitting clothes you don’t mind wearing. Some massage styles may require
less clothing than others. Others require modesty protection. Talk to the therapist about what
type of massage you are looking for and your expectations. After you have found a therapist who
meets your expectations, make an appointment. Remember, massages should be a relaxing
experience. Make sure you choose someone who has had experience in this type therapy.

Massages are also effective for improving blood circulation. The hand-on pressure is gentle to
medium pressure and helps move blood through damaged and congested areas. It also
promotes lymph circulation, which moves metabolic waste products awayfrom the muscles. This
reduces blood pressure, which can result in better overall function. It can also reduce muscle
spasms. It is important to find a massage therapist who has been certified in manual lymphatic